Is rust & corrosion:

  • Attacking Your Assets?

  • Limiting the Service Life of Your Equipment?

  • Creating Unsafe and Dangerous Working Environments?

  • Consuming Your Labor?

  • Frustrating You?

Are Contaminants*:

(*Water, Paper Stock, Dirt, Coal Dust, Sawdust, Grain, Sand, Liquids, Powders, etc.)

  • Causing Bearing Failure?

  • Contaminating Your Process?

  • Ruining Your Lubrication?

  • Frustrating You?

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Multiple Applications

Benefits of OUR PROCESS

  • Stops corrosion immediately

  • Reduces wear & tear

  • Prevents ingress

  • Long-term active protection

  • Reduced labor costs and maintenance-related accidents

  • Maintains a safer working environment

  • Extended component life

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Easy to remove

  • Re-usable and waste free

Passive Protection:

Ingress of moisture and contaminants prevented by perfectly-fitting form-in-place Barrier.

Active Protection:

Inhibiting oil coats all internal surfaces under coating, preventing corrosion process.

Xaris uses a unique re-usable thermoplastic anti-corrosion barrier coating system that has been proven to reduce the costly effects of corrosion and contamination.

A durable, flexible material at normal temperatures, this barrier coating is melted in a specially designed mobile application unit and sprayed as a liquid on to any size or shape of substrate, cooling to a solid in seconds. Built-in inhibitors are released on to every surface, providing active protection, penetrating deep into every crevice and flowing round every joint. The material forms a tough flexible cocoon around the target area providing an impermeable, corrosion-inhibiting barrier that will protect for the lifetime of the system. This material is quick to apply, environmentally friendly, easy to strip, re-usable and recyclable with no VOCs or harmful chemicals.